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Bandeau Larringes
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1,176 inhabitants (known as "Larringeois")
Surface area: 8.3 km²
Altitude: 700 to 870 metres

Larringes is a small village located in a natural setting within the catchment area of the Gavot Plateau, at an altitude of between 700 and 870 metres.

Originally named Ladrinum by the Romans, the village boasts a long, rich history linked to its castle built in the 10th century on Roman ruins. Its incomparable panoramic view, with a radius of over 100 km and stretching from the Bernese Alps to Fort l'Ecluse, from the Jura Massif to Mont Blanc, has lent the village great strategic importance. The castle has belonged successively to the Counts of Allinges, the Counts of Savoy, and the families of Lavanchy, Détraz, de Franlieu and finally Stoutz, the current owners. During the Middle Ages, the black plague decimated the population, which also suffered under the invading Burgundians, Hungarians and Saracens.

Church rebuilt between 1814 and 1825 and dedicated to Saint Maurice.
Private Chez Crosson chapel, belonging to the Milliet family. This chapel was built in 1895 by a priest and Larringes native, François-Marie Milliet.
Numerous oratories.
Larringes Castle: a private property and closed to visitors.
The "Gallic Stone" located at Chez Crosson is an erratic block and what is referred to as a "cupule rock", in reference to its cuplike carvings made by prehistoric man.

A peat bog is located at the place known as "Verrossier Haut", in the eastern part of the district. This natural site has been equipped for visitors. For three years during the 1940s, up to 30 men dug up peat bricks from the bog for heating.
Forest of over 100 hectares, with two beech trees or fayards over a hundred years old in Vérossier and Saint-Thomas.
Viewpoint indicator.
Views of Mont Blanc, the Jura and Lake Léman.
Mountain biking and hiking.

Facilities: stadium, playground and fitness trail.

Larringes Town Hall
1, Place du Village - 74500 Larringes
Tel: +33 (0)4 50 73 46 90
Fax: +33 (0)4 50 81 02 11
Open: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, from 9 AM to 12 noon.
Also, Tuesday afternoons, from 2 to 6 PM.

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